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Lhasa tibet tour
10 Days
From Kathmandu we make our way towards Lhasa. The road between Kathmandu and Lhasa is known as the Friendship Highway.
Kailash tour
16 Days
In fact, the entire region of Mt. Kailash is of important religious significance and includes the two turquoise-blue, pristine high-altitude lakes of Mansarovar and Rakshesa. Mt. Kailash is regarded holy by followers of several religions. To Hindus, Kailash is the religious palce for pilgrimage tour of Lord Shiva of and nearby Manasarobar Lake, the soul of Brahma. Tibetans call Kailash Kang Rimpoche.
Lhasa Ali Kailash tour
24 Days
The tour to Mt.kailash and lake mansarovaer can also be made easily with Flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa to Kunsul Airport and back to Lhasa and to Kathmandu. The flights are seasonal and this itinerary is specially designed for people who do not wish to travel by overland for long hours.
Tour in Tibet
25 days
This tour is very famous because of those clients who want to do both place one time if they have time, we will fly in and drive out. we take one houre flight from Kathmandu to lhasa, minimum three days we visit around lasha and drive each place to another include Everest base camp,Himalayan High Spirits Adventures do this trip every year.
Simikot to Kailash tour
25 Days
This recently opened Simikot – Hilsa route to mystic Tibet (Western Tibet), endows you with the best of both Nepal and Tibet. Trekking from Nepal’s westernmost airstrip town Simikot to Tibet was open only in 1993.
Lhasa tour
9 Days
Lhasa is rightly one of the most featured and dreamt-about cities in the world. This is not only because of its high altitude at 3,650 meters (11,975 feet) which means remoteness and limited accessibility, but also because of its over 1,000 years' cultural and spiritual history which leaves an impressive heritage that has helped to create the romantic and mysterious Tibetian region.
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