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Bhutan is the last unspoiled Himalayan kingdom often known as Shangri-La. For a country of its size, Bhutan is a land of spectacular contrasts and stunning beauty. The southern foothills, at an altitude of 1,000 ft to 4,500 ft are covered by dense tropical forest, which abounds with wildlife. These regions are mostly inhabitated by Lhotsampas (Nepalese immigrants who are given Bhutanese citizens nationally) and most of them are agriculture workers. Most industrial areas are also located in southern region. The fertile central valleys (3,600 & 8,500 ft) are covered by verdant coniferous and deciduous forests and dotted with numerous monasteries, temples and dzongs. Western Bhutan& major valleys of Ha, Paro, Thimphu, Punakha/ Wangduephodrang are intensely cultivated. The people in these valleys are well-to-do and they build large homes of rammed earth in which several generations often live together. The formidable Black Mountains, rising to over 16,000 ft forms a natural boundary between Western Bhutan and Central Bhutan. Central Bhutan is made up of several districts where different dialects are spoken. Khyeng, in the south, is covered by semi-tropical jungle and is famous for its bamboo and ratten ware. Further north is Trongsa, home of one of Bhutan’s most impressive dzongs. Bumthang’s four valleys, between 8,530 – 13,000 ft with their picturesque countryside, beautiful coniferous forests and numerous Religious sites are often known as the “Heart of Bhutan. The eastern women are renowned for their weaving skills and produce fine textiles of silk and cotton. Northern Bhutan, lying largely above 11,500 ft is region of glacial valleys, alpine meadows and is home to the semi-nomadic yak-herders of Lingshi, Laya and Lunana, have almost no contact with Western civilisation and trade only in bartered goods. Towering above this magnificent trekking country are the eternal snow-clad peaks of the majestic Jhomolhari, Jichu Drake and Gangkar Puensum, rising to over 23,000 ft.
Druk path Trek
One of the most scenic and popular treks in Bhutan, following a wilderness trail past several remote lakes teeming with fish and magnificent views of the snow-capped mountains. This route is famous for its spectacular rhododendron forests, which bloom in May. In this program you will be able to able to cover sightseeing in Paro valley
Jomolahari Trek
18 days
This is the most popular trek in Bhutan. It offers views of Mt. Jomolhari (alt. 7,314m) Jichu Darke (6989m), Tsherim Gang (6789m) and leads through spectacular lakes, high pasture land, passes (Bontela pass alt. 4890m .
Bhutan cultural Tour
6 Days trek
This 6days Tested See Bhutan cultural tour program offers you most of the tourists' places in western Bhutan where 2 nights each in Thimphu and Paro are spent and one night in Punakha. This tour is especially designed to suit the travelers who have not enough time and money to spend but want to see the mos
Juniper trek
9 Days
A heaven for botanists and flower enthusiasts, the Juniper trek offers beautiful views of the Paro & Haa valley along the route. You will also get an opportunity to come across abundant wild flowers including the 'National Flower of Bhutan' The Blue Poppy. Some of the flowers you will see along the way include the: Iris, Blue & Yellow Poppies, primulas, Alpine Roses, potentilas, Alpine Aster, Rhododendrons etc. We will also get to see the Himalayan Monals, Pheasants et
Royal heritage trek
12 days
The Royal Heritage Trek traces the historical route traveled by the Royal family when moving between their summer and winter residences in Bumthang and in Kuengarabten (24km south of Trongsa).
Dagala Thousand lake
While this is a somewhat strenuous trek, it is well worth the effort because of the tranquility and beauty of natural landscape that you will enjoy during the journey. The best time to embark on this trek is between April-June or September –October.
Bhutan Pilgrimage tour
9 days
It ia a fantastic trek to enjoy your holiday and make your holiday a memorable and fantastic. Himalayan High Spirits Adventures leads you to make your trip a best one of your life time,
Dragon Kingdom
14 days
The festivals in Bhutan are numerous. Each district performs annual festivals called Tsechu & Dromche that falls on the 10th day of the month of the Bhutanese calendar. It is the spiritual occasion in honor of Guru Padmashambhava, "one who was born from a lotus flower" popularly known as Guru Rimpoche, "The precious Teacher". Festivals are also social gatherings where people from all walks of life gathered to rejoice together, dressed in all their finery. Tsechus or the festivals are not pageants or entertainment events. They are not held for tourist's attraction. They are the genuine manifestations of religious traditions hundreds of years old which outsiders are given the opportunity to witness.
Awesome Bhutan
27 Days
This is supposed to be the hardest trek in the world. The trail goes above 4000 mts most of the time crossing over several high passes. The trail is rugged and physically very challenging. We recommend this trek only to ones who are physically fit. One needs to be prepared well in advance for this challenging trek
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